9point8 drops a new lever for the Fall Line seatpost

1x Digit lever developed with Wolf Tooth Components

Dropper seatpost manufacturer 9point8 has launched a new 1x-specific lever for its Fall Line seatpost designed in conjunction with Wolf Tooth Components.


This launch comes on the heels of the release of RockShox’ long-anticipated underbar lever. Unlike the new hydraulic remote for the RockShox Reverb, this new lever, named the Digit, is cable-operated.

The 9point8 Digit is the result of a cross-border collaboration between the Canadian dropper manufacturer and US-based Wolf Tooth Components — which specializes in producing upgrade components, such as narrow/wide chainrings, wide-range cogs and a premium dropper seatpost lever, the ReMote.

Wolf Tooth adapted its ReMote lever design specifically for this seapost

In addition to some aesthetic differences that make it stand out from the ReMote, the Digit uses a leverage ratio specifically tailored to the Fall Line seatpost.

It shares the attributes that make the ReMote a category leader, including the use of a cartridge bearing for the lever pivot, a replaceable breakaway axle pivot to save your knee in a wreck, a cable-friendly clamp design, as well as RockShox Matchmaker and Shimano I-Spec compatibility.

The Digit can be added to the purchase of a 9point8 seatpost for $18. It is also available separately for $70. (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be announced.)


Visit www.9point8.ca for more information.