9Point8 Fall Line dropper seatpost – first look

New dropper with multiple lever options

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Dropper seatpost manufacturer 9Point8 has added a second model to its adjustable-height seatpost line. The new Fall Line features infinitely adjustable drop via a stealth-routed, cable-actuated remote that offers the user multiple mounting options.

This Canadian company’s first dropper, the Pulse, polarized users with its incremental actuation system and brake-style lever: some riders loved the precise levels of adjustment, while others found the lever obtrusive. 

The 9point8 fall line will be available in 125 and 150mm versions:

The Fall Line will come in 125 and 150mm versions

The company’s answer to the Pulse seatpost’s detractors is the new Fall Line, which has infinite adjustment and a multitude of lever options.

Starting at the handlebar, the Fall Line’s thumb lever remote can be oriented for left or right operation inline with the handlebar or perpendicular to it. The cable-actuated Fall Line uses a standard shift cable that threads into the lever and is secured with a setscrew at base of the seatpost.

The thumb lever can be positioned in three different orientations to suit rider preference:

The lever can be positioned however you like

The Fall Line features a quick connect system that allows the actuation mechanism to be unscrewed from the seatpost, making it incredibly easy for riders to remove the seatpost while traveling as well as making it possible to quickly swap a single seatpost between multiple bikes.

The fall line uses a quick connect system that allows the seatpost to be easily unscrewed from the actuation mechanism :

A set screw holds the cable in place at the base of the seatpost

The dropping mechanism relies on a mechanical brake that expands within the shaft to hold the seatpost in place. A low-pressure negative air spring is used to control the rate of return. The recommended air pressure for the Fall Line is just 35psi, but riders can increase or decrease air pressure to tune the rate of return to their personal preference.

In the event that the post is compromised and air pressure is lost, the post can be manually locked in the extended position by compressing the lever and pulling up on the seatpost.

9Point8 will offer the $US379 Fall Line with 125 and 150mm of drop in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters. There will be versions with zero and 25mm of seatpost offset to allow riders to dial in fit.

Claimed weight for the Fall Line with cable housing and remote is 575g.

The company expects to begin shipping the Fall Line by May.

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For more information visit www.9point8.ca.