A first glimpse at the 2019 RockShox fork range

Sektor, Recon, Reba and Judy get significant updates for next year, plus other tweaks

The first announcement from RockShox on its 2019 line doesn’t introduce any revelatory upgrades or new models, but tweaks, adjustments and modifications, as well as trickle-down tech from higher end forks to further refine the range.


RockShox Sektor RL

The updated RockShox Sektor
Courtesy of RockShox

The all-new Sektor RL will now feature a DebonAir spring as well as Fast Black coated 32mm aluminium uppers.

RockShox claims increased sensitivity for the initial part of the travel and improved traction as a result. The spring rate can be tuned with Bottomless Tokens and the fitted Motion Control RL damper is compatible with an external OneLoc remote.

The fork is based on a new BOOST specific chassis, and identical tyre clearances and axle to crown measurements as the Pike and Revelation make potential later upgrades trouble-free.

  • £429–£499 / $429–$499

RockShox Reba RL

RockShox Reba RL for 2019
Courtesy of RockShox

The Reba RL has received some minor graphics updates. Apart from that it’s still running on the well proven Solo Air and Motion Control internals.

  • £499–£569 / $499–$569

RockShox Recon RL

The new Recon RL
Courtesy of RockShox

The Recon RL will now be based on the Revelation crown and legs (instead of the Sektor) but feature 32mm, steel, Fast Black coated stanchions.

RockShox claims changing the chassis has allowed it to drop (an unspecified amount of) weight from the fork.

The fork will feature Motion Control damping and various updates to the compression knob, air cap and cable-remote attachment, which should improve ergonomics.

  • £249–£319 / $249–$319

RockShox Judy Gold and Silver

Brand new Judy Gold and Silver
Courtesy of RockShox

The RockShox Judy forks feature a brand new BOOST specific chassis. With clearances for up to 29 x 2.8in tyres the new design caters for all modern mountain biking predilections.

The steel uppers are now Fast Black coated and the lowers can be used with RockShox’s Torque Caps to improve the stiffness of the fork/wheel interface.

The Judy Gold will feature Motion Control damping with OneLoc remote compatibility. The Judy Silver will rely on TurnKey damping which is compatible with a PopLoc remote.

  • RockShox Judy Gold: £379–£449 / $379–$449
  • RockShox Judy Silver: £299–£329 / $299–$329

RockShox 30 Gold and 30 Silver

Entry-level RockShox 30 fork
Courtesy of RockShox

The RockShox 30 forks are right at the entry-level in the RockShox line but still use proven RockShox technologies.

The Gold will now have Fast Black aluminium stanchions along with a Motion Control damper and OneLoc remote compatibility. The Silver will still be based on TurnKey damping with a PopLoc remote.

  • RockShox 30 Gold: £349–£439 / $349–£439
  • RockShox 30 Silver: £169–£209 / $169–$209

RockShox Pike DJ

The venerable Pike DJ sees minor updates for 2019
Courtesy of RockShox

The RockShox Pike DJ remains largely the same, retaining its custom dirt jump/slopestyle tuned Charger Damper and specific Solo Air top cap for increased bottom out progression.

There’s not much to change in an already very capable fork, except the graphics to match the rest of the range.

  • £839 / $849

RockShox Bluto

Two damper options on the fat-bike Bluto fork
Courtesy of RockShox

The RockShox Bluto, the company’s fat-bike specific fork will keep its original chassis but now features two different damper options.

The RCT3 will use a three-position (open/pedal/lock) Motion Control damper, while the RL will use a OneLoc compatible Motion Control damper with low-speed compression adjustment.

  • RockShox Bluto RCT3: £689 / $689
  • RockShox Bluto RL: £719 / $719