A new folding e-bike from Peugeot

French car brand drives forward compact commuting

Driving to work in time is never as straightforward as we’d like it to be and even the car manufacturers think so too. Here’s a nifty electric bike from Peugeot that it’s pitching as the perfect way to commute.


From car to work with Peugeot’s e-bike

According to Peugeot’s research, many people struggle to find parking close to where they work, and so the company wants to provide an easy alternative to make getting to the office a less stressful experience.

The eF01 electric bike is designed to integrate perfectly with a new SUV from the brand. Despite the obvious marketing ploy, we feel that anything that gets people moving on bikes is ultimately a good thing, so a bike like this could be exactly what’s needed to help encourage drivers to ride to work instead.

Is this the ultimate urban utility machine?

The 18.6kg folding e-bike is rather nicely designed (something we’re not always used to from big brands trying their hand at bikes). It has decent looks, folds down to a compact size and there’s even Peugeot’s own take on a ‘lefty’ fork.

It is also thoughtfully specced, with integrated lights, stand and rack, and hydraulic brakes, along with Schwalbe tyres. The 208Wh battery provides a claimed range of 18–25 miles at a maximum speed of 12.5mph.


The bike retails for €1,999, but availability seems to be rather limited. For more information you can check it out here.