A tech office for endurance athletes

Digital commerce company plans office with CompuTrainers, treadmills, massage therapists and more

This summer in Boulder, Colorado, hybris plans to open an office that's ideal for endurance athletes

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Hybris, a digital commerce platform provider, is planning a new kind of office space in Boulder, Colorado, that would cater heavily to endurance sports athletes, offering on-site CompuTrainers, treadmills, massage therapists, coaches and more.

With its office slated to open this summer, hybris is hoping to recruit people who like to train hard and work hard. Boulder has been ranked by many magazines as a great place to be an amateur or professional endurance athlete. Outside Magazine dubbed it one of its ‘Best Towns,’ National Geographic called it one of America’s’ Best Adventure Towns’ and Inside Triathlon dubbed the city at 5,430ft elevation its ‘Top Triathlon Town.’ 

“At hybris, we recognize the value of great people and the characteristics that make great employees,” said Marc Graveline, vice president of R&D at hybris. “By nature, endurance sports attract a type of person who strives to work hard, have passion and determination, and a desire to be their best. In Boulder, we hope to bring together two ideals under one roof: high-performance software development and endurance training.”

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Hybris is hiring software engineers, quality assurance professionals and technical writers.  

This summer in boulder, colorado, hybris plans to open an office that’s ideal for endurance athletes: this summer in boulder, colorado, hybris plans to open an office that’s ideal for endurance athletes
Hybris does not yet have a location picked out for its new office