Abbey Bike Tools’ Fit Kit makes replicating your saddle setup easy and accurate

Set measurements for saddle height, angle and setback with ease

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Abbey Bike Tools has released a new fit kit designed to make it easy to replicate your preferred saddle position on any bike.

One millimeter increments allow you to replicate fit between different frames
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The Abbey Saddle Fit Kit is a compact tool designed for precise, repeatable fit adjustments. According to Abbey, the Fit Kit eliminates saddle discrepancies by consistently measuring from a fixed point to get the saddle to within +/- .5mm of the rider’s ideal position.  

The aluminum plate is strapped to the top of the saddle with a pedal strap and the vertical portion of the plate butts against the nose of the saddle. From there, measurements are taken relative to the centre of the bottom bracket.

Abbey includes three magnetic saddle height bullets to aid in measuring from the centre of the bottom bracket.

An 8 and 10mm Shimano crank spindle insert provide exact locations from which to base your fit
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The saddle plate is marked in millimetres to allow the user to calculate setback from the nose of the saddle. This allows the user to drop a plumb bob off either side of the bike.

The large surface of the fit kit is ideal for placing an angle finder or smartphone in order to fine-tune the angle of the saddle.

The Shimano preload tool in position
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The Fit Kit is available now and retails for $150 / £115 / AU$190.

So who is this high-end kit for? Well, it might not be an item you’ll want to keep in your home shop, but team mechanics and fit specialists are likely to find it very handy.

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