Abbey Bike Tools x RockShox collaboration

Attention all tool geeks!

Like beer and coffee, there are just some things that naturally go along with bikes and riding. And with high-end speciality tools, just like a meticulously crafted homebrew or a perfectly pulled espresso shot, there’s beauty in the process as well as the results. 


Even if you’re not that romantic about your bike maintenance, having the right tools makes any job light years’ faster and easier. So, to make overhauling and working on RockShox suspension that bit more pleasurable, SRAM has partnered with Oregon based Abbey Bike Tools.

From left: Charger SVC wrench, Charger SVC wrench, and Charger 2 SVC wrench

Reverb SVC wrench

Anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time on a Reverb dropper post knows that maintenance is part of the game. The Reverb Service Wrench is a tool for both 30.9 and 31.6 collets, as well as the inner sealheads.

  • Retail is $70

Charger SVC wrench

For first generation Charger dampers, this wrench is built for servicing the sealhead and upper assembly.

  • Retail is $70 

Charger 2 SVC wrench

Even the latest forks need love. The Charger 2 service wrench is designed specifically for Charger 2 RL and RLC inner sealheads.

  • Retail is $70
From left: SUS top cap tool, flangeless dust seal tool, bushing tool, and 24mm and 30mm sockets

SUS Top Cap tool

Doubling as a cassette removal tool, the suspension top cap tool works with SID, Revelation, Reba, Paragon, Pike and Lyrik forks for easy damper removal.

  • Retail is $50

Flangeless dust seal tool

Turning an often tricky task into something simple is the hallmark of a great tool. The flangeless dust seal tool should make the installation of flangeless dust seals in 32mm and 35mm fork lower legs just that.


Perfect placement is said to be assured with the 32mm and 35mm pucks aligning the dust seal and crown and setting the dust seal at the correct depth. The extended sleeve finds the upper bushing for correct placement of the seal perfectly every time.

Bushing tool

Pressing or removing the bushings into a rear shock eyelet is surprisingly tricky without the right tool. This 1/2″ x 1/2″ bushing tool claims to makes the job simple and straight forward.

  • Retail is $30

24mm and 30mm sockets

First step in working on a fork is removing the air, the next step is opening it up. The 24mm socket is for 32mm stanchion forks and the 30mm socket is for 35mm forks.

Both are said to offer perfect alignment with the top cap and use a 3/8” square drive socket and are CNC’d from billet.