ABS braking is coming to an e-bike near you

Forthcoming Bosch system to reduce stopping distances and enhance rider control

Bosch is soon to launch an anti-lock braking system for e-bikes. Co-developed with Magura, the system uses multiple sensors to regulate pressure to the front brake and resist lifting of the rear wheel during heavy braking.


Just like the systems that are commonplace in cars and some motorcycles, Bosch’s ABS is designed to reduce braking distances and enhance rider control during emergency braking.

ABS should also prove valuable on surfaces with poor grip and for inexperienced riders who fail to modulate their brakes properly.

Bosch has more than four decades of experience when it comes to ABS systems
The technology is a response to an increase in the use of e-bikes, with Bosch quoting around three million cyclists using e-bikes in Germany alone.

Bosch’s Accident Research Division learned that accidents involving e-bikes could be reduced by as much as 25 percent if all bikes were equipped with the ABS system, while the number of accidents with severe injuries could be reduced further.

The system pairs up with a specific version of Magura’s MT5 hydraulic disc brakes. It’s expected to add around 800 grams, compared to a non-ABS e-bike, and consists of a somewhat indiscreet unit that mounts below the handlebar plus a warning light that hugs the stem.

This isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard of ABS making its way onto e-bikes. At Eurobike last year we reported the development of an ABS and traction control system from German company Brake Force One.

Another unusual anti-lock braking system was this strange collaboration between Italian brands Pinarello and Bluebrake.


Powerful brakes and fast bikes can be a dangerous combination, particularly for beginner riders, so it’s great to see technology such as this is moving so quickly.

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