The ABUS Alarmbox is a bolt-on security solution for your bike or shed

100-decibel alarm system could scare off thieves

ABUS Alarmbox black and blue

German security specialist ABUS is soon to sell a bolt-on alarm system to deter potential bike thieves.

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The Alarmbox uses positioning sensors to detect small movements or impacts and can send a 100 decibel+ shriek into its surroundings for 15 seconds at a time.

Though a sounding Alarmbox may not be enough to put an end to an attempted robbery, it should at least make a thief’s actions a lot more obvious.

In order to avoid false alarms, the Alarmbox first sounds a warning bleep that then escalates to its full-on aural assault if the movement continues.

The Alarmbox is easily secured to a bike frame either at bottle cage mounts or by strapping to tubes themselves via two metal bands. The flexibility of the mounting system also means the Alarmbox can happily be fixed to a shed door in order to improve building security.

The Alarmbox is similar to the alarm system that ABUS already incorporates into some of its more expensive locks. The claimed weight for the Alarmbox and its associated hardware is 370g.

The unit is activated and deactivated through the use of a key (two supplied) and is powered by a replaceable CR2 battery cell.

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The ABUS Alarmbox will retail for £44.99 via Extra UK.