Adam Brayton rides Raw with new Hope hubs

No special effects, just pure, raw riding skills

Hopetech team downhill racer Adam Brayton has displayed his extensive riding skills in a pared-down video filmed in the mountains of Pila, Italy. 


In these days of epic aerial shots, slick special effects and adrenaline-fuelled soundtracks, there’s something to be said for a video that relies solely on the natural sounds of riding. The rumble of tyres on trail, the whisper of leaves scattering, the wonderful silence of being airborne. And the riding ain’t half bad either. 

We’re ever so slightly jealous of this view:
The video is set in Pila, Italy. We are slightly envious of those views

Based in Keswick in the Lake District, UK, Brayton regularly placed comfortably in the top 50 over the course of the 2015 UCI MTB World Cup series, and has clearly taken a little rest and respite from racing (and a very rainy UK) to catch a little trail action on the loamy soils of Italy. 


The video celebrates the launch of the new Hope Pro 4 hubs, which we first checked out last year at their Eurobike debut. The evolution of the popular Pro 3 range, the Pro 4 boasts similar versatility and adaptability and is compatible with 11-speed cassettes from a variety of manufacturers, plus ‘Boost’ variants. 

The video showcases the new hope pro 4 hubs:
The new Hope Pro 4 hubs