Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro glasses – first look

New Adidas glasses eying up the market

Adidas’s Evil Eye glasses have long been popular all-rounders to ward off what even the most accursed trail or storm can hurl your way, and yesterday the range was blessed with a new addition: the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro.


As the name suggests, this is a reduced-frame design and the durable, flexible SPX™ material is said to make the model extremely light. The Halfrim Pros are claimed to be versatile too, suitable for mountain biking and road cycling.

There’s a removable sweat blocker at the top to protect the eyes from both perspiration and draughts, while the eyewear can be adjusted to ensure a useful fit. The nose pads and temples are the sites of adjustment, so it seems like there’s something for all face types.

What about the bit that really matters, though: the optics? Well, what Adidas describe as “strongly curved filters” are on board to provide a wide viewing angle and feature Light Stabilizing Technology™ to compensate for sharp changes in brightness while increasing contrast.


Finally, the Halfrim Pros also have a patented lens lock system to switch between different lenses easily. We’re eager to clap eyeballs on a pair and take them on a few test rides, so watch this space for a full review.