Adidas launches world’s lightest cycling kit

Adizero jersey, bib shorts and socks combo just 200g

Last year’s Adidas Adizero jersey weighed just 65g and now the Eurobike Gold Award winner has matching bib shorts and socks with equally feathery weights to satisfy even the most gram-watching cyclists.


Touted as “the lightest cycling kit ever released” by Adidas, the new Adizero Evasus bib shorts (£120) come in at a tether-them-lest-they-float-away 99g. The shorts feature the brand’s Formotion material, designed to offer non-restrictive leg movement with skin-hugging, forget-it’s-there fit.

The legs also have compression, UV protection and lazer-cut hems. The upper is a sheer, less than opaque material that keeps weight down and helps avoid overheating when hammering up hot climbs. The pad is a triple-density design that Adidas says has enough padding for six hour rides.

For those wanting full lightweight matching gear, the Adizero ankle socks (available at the end of the summer, £TBC) complete the look and feature targeted mesh ventilation and flat toe seam and arch support.

The Adizero jersey (£100) was the lightest jersey ever launched to market when it appeared last year. Cut for comfort, the jersey features low-profile, easy-access pockets on the rear as well as underarm mesh ventilation.


Jersey, bibs and socks weigh just 200g together. Check out for more information.