Aerodynamic specialists Drag2Zero launch TT disc wheel

F1 expertise and three years of development have gone into new disc

British aerodynamic specialist Drag2Zero has ventured into the disc wheel market with this lethal-looking disc that majors on lateral stiffness.


The wheel has been designed in conjunction with Rob Neumann, an F1 composites engineer at Mercedes AMG F1, and adopts ‘internal carbon spars’ to boost vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. Drag2Zero says it’s the first time this structure has been adopted in a road disc.

The tubular disc, which has a 24mm rim width, weighs an impressive (though only claimed) 900g. That’s 75g lighter than the Pro Textreme Carbon Disc (also 24mm) used by Team Sky, but nowhere near the Lightweight Autobahn, which weighs a claimed 780g.

Of course, weight is a lesser factor here: this disc is all about aerodynamics and Drag2Zero has made some radical compromises to achieve what it believes is the fastest wheel out there when the yaw angle is 10 degrees or less (that’s near enough a straight headwind).

For instance, the team has built as much curvature as possible into the driveside sidewall, even though it means the rider might experience rear derailleur rub in the highest gear. “Our thinking is that a disc wheel is for riding fast and that it should not be compromised for the occasional need of the smallest cog,” said the press release.

The discs are made to order and cost £1,899 (about US$3,235). The price includes a wheel bag, a pair of brake pads and a carbon closure panel and some closure stickers. The models shown are standard black and white designs. Other designs are available for a surcharge.


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