Aldi cycling gear for winter

Supermarket stocks up on cold weather commuting kit this week

A hoard of Aldi cycling gear including a merino wool base layer priced at £15.99, a fleece-lined winter jacket (£15.99) and a full range of lights and accessories is poised to hit stores later this week.  


The gear – numbering scores of items ranging from GT85 maintenance spray (£2.99) to Aldi waterproof cycling trousers (£9.99) will hit Aldi stores across the UK on 26 September and will be available while stocks last.

Some of the other Aldi cycle gear includes:

  • Cycling shoes (£19.99)
  • Cycling compression base layer (£9.99)
  • Maintenance bike stand (29.99)
  • Under helmet cap (£4.99)
  • Winter cycling gloves (£4.99)
  • Front/Rear LED bike lights (£6.99)

There are also some more exotic products in Aldi’s cycling special buy, including a triathlon suit (14.99) and a heart rate monitor for £13.99.


In November, the supermarket chain will stock performance bib shorts, jerseys and jackets. We totted up how much it would cost to get decently geared up for winter and reckon you could have an entire outfit – excluding a helmet –  for less than £100.