Aldi’s ridiculously cheap cycling gear is back once again

New range features a smart helmet, a turbo trainer and lots of winter gear

Aldi regularly releases a range of cycling gear that is both cheap and effective. Flying in the face of what we are all used to, you can pick up a bargain on some very capable items.


The latest range of kit is soon to land in stores nationwide. We take a look at the key items we’re interested in, as well as the full list of items you’ll be able to buy in store.

The Livall Mt1 Smart Helmet costs £79.99, but has a huge range of features
New for this year is the £79.99 Livall Mt1 Smart Helmet which could be perfect for your commuting needs. There’s an integrated bluetooth speaker and microphone as well as tail lights and indicators. It’s a surprisingly gadgety offering from Aldi and it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a real appetite for these amongst supermarket shoppers.
A bright, rechargeable bike light set for just £14.99
Riders can improve their safety and visibility with Aldi’s latest rechargeable, high powered bike lights for just £14.99.
Pick up a turbo charged bargain with this trainer priced at £49.99
If you don’t want to face the weather outside during the impending winter months, why not consider Aldi’s competitively priced (£49.99) turbo trainer with six resistance levels and a sturdy collapsible frame.
Track your training with this £19.99 Speed and Cadence sensor
Alternatively, keep track of you training stats outdoors with Aldi’s Speed and Cadence for £19.99. It pairs with Aldi’s Crane Connect app allowing you to track distance, cadence, speed, altitude and the route you ride.
Merino base layers for £19.99 aren’t to be sniffed at
Aldi is also listing a full range of merino clothing at typically bargain pricepoints. Merino baselayers for just £19.99 are definitely the highlight here, though there’s a full range of accessories including gloves and arm warmers for just £5.99.
Neoprene gloves and shoe covers look very practical
If you’re dedicated to riding outside as the weather turns, you can pick up some Neoprene Cycling Cloves for £9.99 and even some overshoes for £14.99.
Get a £19.99 waterproof jacket or £14.99 overtrousers for the worst of the weather

And for the worst of the weather, full waterproofs, with a jacket for £19.99 and overtrousers for £14.99 are unlikely to provide class leading breathability, but could be perfect as an emergency layer to stash away until you need them.


The cycling range will go on sale in Aldi stores from 30 September, but can be pre-ordered online from 23 September.

The full range of Aldi gear

Product description Price
Livall Mt1 Smart Helmet (available online only) £79.99
Indoor Bike Trainer £49.99
M/L Hooded Cycling Jacket £24.99
M/L Convertible Cycling Jacket £19.99
Speed & Cadence Sensor £19.99
M/L Cycling Rain Jacket £19.99
Floor Bike Stand £16.99
Rechargeable High Powered Bike Lights £14.99
M/L Waterproof Over-Trousers £14.99
M/L Cycling Tights £13.99
High Performance Bike Lights £12.99
U-Shackle Bike Lock £9.99
Reflective Cycling Set £8.99
Folding Bike Stand £8.99
Saddle Bag Tool Set £8.99
Memory Foam Saddle Assortment £8.99
M/L Seamless Cycling Base Layer Top £6.99
Weatherproof Cycling Gloves £5.99
Muc-Off £3.99
Bike Saddle/ Tail/ Dual Bike Lights £2.99
ERGONOMIC Cycling Socks (Watres) £2.99
M/L Cycling Wind Jersey With Merino £19.99
M/L Merino Sports Base Layer £16.99
Sports Accessories With Merino £5.99
Merino Blend Cycling Socks £4.99
Heavy Duty Overshoes £14.99
Waterproof Breathable Socks £12.99
Neoprene Cycling Gloves £9.99