Alé does recycled fabrics, gravel and graphene kit for 2020

All the pockets plus aero fabric

Italian clothing brand Alé has announced details of its 2020 kit range, with the focus on recycled fabrics, gravel-specific clothing and designs that incorporate wonder-material graphene.


For 2020, Alé is making an ‘eco’ line of kit, with jerseys and bib shorts made largely using recycled materials.

On the gravel side, the brand is offering kit with features aimed at practicality, with a bib-jersey combination with up to ten pockets for carrying all manner of odds and ends.

Alé is now making garments that incorporate graphene too, which apparently offers anti-static, antibacterial and thermal regulating properties. The kit also makes use of textured fabrics for improved aerodynamics.


Watch our video for all the details on Alé’s new kit from brand rep Claudia.