“Alexa, let’s go for a ride”

Halfords launches Alexa-equipped smart bike

UK retail giant Halfords has just announced its plans to launch the world’s first connected smart bike range that features Amazon Alexa.


The new Cybic bike range will be unveiled next week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and includes two options: the Cybic Legend, a hybrid, and the Cybic E-Legend, its electric counterpart.

(Pannier) bags of potential

What does a smart bike with Alexa mean for cyclists? It could mean turn-by-turn directions, live traffic updates, weather forecasts and music on demand, without lifting a finger.

More than that, you can access other Alexa features on the go, such as sending messages, adding items to shopping lists, and even ordering dinner on the way home.

The Cybic range will allow riders to personalise light settings, which can be voice activated, and access cycling performance data such as speed, distance covered, time spent cycling and more.

It will also feature theft tracking, as well as a security lock and alarm, which can be accessed via an accompanying app.

Voice activated features include cycling performance data, GPS mapping and directions, music and security systems

How will it work?

The bike will be Wi-Fi-enabled and come with a Vodafone SIM card that includes three years of free 3G data.

Specification, pricing and availability

The Cybic range will be available exclusively from Halfords in the UK from summer 2019. Full specifications are yet to be released, so watch this space.

For now, you can register your interest on the Halfords website.


What do you think? Is this the cycling future?