All-new tyre brand Ere Research debuts performance road tyre line-up

6 model range includes gravel, race and everyday rubber for the road

Ere Research was founded by Piet van der Velde, an industry veteran and former product director at Selle Italia, and its new range of road tyres focuses on performance.


The tyres have a 120tpi construction for supple handling and 65a durometer rubber, which balances grip and durability.

Tubeless compatible tyres will ship with sealant and valves, while the clincher models ship with Tubus tubes and valve extenders.

Off-road: Tenaci tyre

The off-road, gravel ready Tenaci
Courtesy of Ere Research

The only outlier in the range, with more of an off-road bent, is Ere’s gravel focussed Tenaci tyre. It comes in 30, 32, 36 and 40c and is available as tubeless or clincher.

Ere Research describes it as a do-it-all road tyre and says that performance is maintained with a fast rolling file tread centre. More pronounced shoulders provide off-road cornering grip.

The tyre also features Ere’s Armis 2 puncture protection, including double layer woven aramid protection across the whole tyre as well as an extra protection strip under the tread.

Road racing: Genus

The road racing Genus
Courtesy of Ere Research

This will be Ere’s dedicated road racing tyre, available in 24, 26 and 28c in a tubeless or clincher model.

There is no additional puncture protection other than the casing itself (Armis 1) and it has been designed with a focus on performance and supple rolling characteristics.

The tyre features a smooth centre tread with a minimal tread on the shoulders.

Everyday: Omnia

The performance Omnia
Courtesy of Ere Research

The Omnia tyre uses the same construction as the Genus, but its intended use is as a high performance, everyday tyre.

A more pronounced tread on the shoulders is claimed to add extra versatility, and an additional 30c size should provide more comfort if your bike has room.

Wet weather: Pontus

The wet condition Pontus
Courtesy of Ere Research

The Pontus is Ere’s wet weather road tyre and features a tread pattern designed to channel water away from the contact patch.

Available as tubeless or clincher in 24 or 26c, it uses Armis 2 puncture protection for extra hardiness in questionable conditions.

Time trial: Tempus

The time trial Tempus
Courtesy of Ere Research

The Tempus is a dedicated time trial tyre and features dimpled edges for claimed aero benefits. It is only available as a tubeless model.

This is quite similar to the patterning featured on the Continental GP4000S II, where the slight side tread helps with aerodynamic performance.

The Tempus is only available in 26 and 28c sizes, however. For a dedicated aero tyre it’s surprising not to see a 23c option in the mix as well.

Trainer: Tormentum

The trainer ready Tormentum
Courtesy of Ere Research

Finally, as the name suggests, the Tormentum is a 24c trainer specific tyre that is designed to be tortured.

It has a hardier 60tpi construction and an extra thick 75a tread, which ensures that it will survive the abuse dished out to it.


Pricing and availability

Ere Research is distributed by OneWay in Europe and Send It in Canada. US distribution is set to happen soon and Ere Technology is also looking to start direct online sales. Pricing is currently TBC.

Ere Research is focussing on premium performance products and good user experience
Courtesy of Ere Research