ANT+ launches new protocol

Longer battery life, faster connection, more data for power meters

ANT+ is Dynastream's wireless communication protocol, owned by Garmin but available to all manufacturers

Dynastream Innovations launched a new version of its ANT protocol today that could mean improved function for cycling devices that use the wireless transmission, including power meters and some speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitors.


According to the company, the new ANT will allow for much faster communication between devices with more data being transmitted, and all at a lower battery cost. What cyclists might notice most, however, is the claimed faster signal acquisition – meaning you won’t have to wait so long for your Garmin to find and pair with your power meter.

Existing ANT products will be compatible with those that will use the new protocol. And products whose firmware can be updated, like the new Stages power meter, can be upgraded.

“Our fundamental goal is to always deliver ANT products that are forward-focused and future proof so that manufacturers can continually build upon what they do,” said ANT Wireless vice president Rod Morris. “Because we deliver technology that works easily, consumers receive the very best available devices and can draw from an incredibly diverse and established ecosystem.”

An increasing number of wireless cycling devices use ANT already, with Garmin as the dominant player leading the charge. Some smartphones use ANT, too, including the Sony Xperia line and the HTC Rhyme, and the Wahoo ANT+ Key plugs into iPhones to effectively make them ANT+ computers, also.

ANT can be used to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, such as a Garmin and another head unit.


Garmin purchased Dynastream in 2006.