Anthill Films announce follow-up to ‘Follow Me’

Spring 2012 release for new mountain bike movie 'Strength in Numbers'

The crew behind last year’s hit mountain bike film Follow Me have announced details of their next project, Strength in Numbers. Anthill Films say the movie, due for release next spring, will “explore the shared experiences that connect us all, regardless of location or language, as mountain bikers”.


“From concept to visuals this is our most ambitious project ever,” said producer/cinematographer Darcy Wittenburg. “Our goal is to create something that helps define the culture of our sport.” Anthill are planning to hold a worldwide tour of the film and then stream it – for free – online to make it available to as many people as possible. They also plan to release it as a digital download and a limited edition DVD and BluRay disc.

“As a crew, we’re always looking for ways to grow the sport and one day it just hit us… we should make the movie free,” said Darcy. “We’ve been talking about it for a while but now the technology has reached a point where we feel like we can pull it off at a level that our audience has come to expect.  It’s a bit scary to just put it out there – but we’d rather be trying new, unique things than settling for what’s comfortable.”


Anthill was formed by several members of the groundbreaking Collective (the team behind The Collective, Roam and Seasons). Their debut film, last year’s Follow Me, featured riders including Gee Atherton, Ben Bokyo and Brandon Semenuk, and looked at modern mountain biking lifestyle and why people love to ride. For more information on the new film, visit Anthill’s website.