Are Peter Sagan’s salutes supercilious?

Slovakian sensation emulates Forrest Gump

Peter Sagan crosses the line to win stage 3, doing a running man impression, a la Forrest Gump.

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Peter Sagan has won so many times this year, perhaps he has to get a little creative with his victory salutes so he can keep them straight in his photo book. On stage 1 of the Tour de France it was either a chicken dance or body builder pose, depending on who you ask, and on today’s stage 3, he was a running man, a la Forrest Gump.

However, his increasingly effusive antics were not amusing to South African Robbie Hunter. “Great win by Sagan again he, is class! But can’t say I enjoy his victory salutes in the face of his competitors!” he wrote on Twitter.

Sagan has stated that his teammates have been suggesting the various celebrations, and not all of the riders object to them. “Totally for Sagan and his crazy salutes, he’s 22, he’s got plenty of time to grow old and dignified,” said David Millar.

Sagan’s teammate Ivan Basso is also enjoying the youthful exuberance. “Special atmosphere at Liquigas-Cannondale’s home. with the beautiful crazy of Sagan & co I discover a younger Ivan,” he said on Twitter.

Notable author Richard Moore suggested one solution for those who object to the antics: “If you don’t like Sagan’s victory celebrations there’s one good way to stop them, chaps.”

His colleague Daniel Freibe agrees. “So, are Sagan’s celebrations obnoxious? I say no – like he said in presser, people will tune in to see what he does next. Great for sport.”


There is no word yet from the UCI, which regulates everything from sock height to saddle tilt, on whether it would follow the National Football League in banning excessive victory celebrations. (LW)