Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro road bike is faster, lighter for 2016

New integrated handlebar, monocoque carbon seatpost among highlights

The new Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro road bike had its debut at this year’s Tour de France, and will go on sale for 2016 with its new integrated handlebar and 100 percent monocoque carbon seat post.


Described as “lighter and faster” than its predecessor, the new Nitrogen 18 has seen its frame weight shrink to 835g, and they’ve managed to take around 50g off the fork too. Plus there’s a new stem system within the integrated handlebar that gives plenty of aero advantage, but with a bit of adjustability too.

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So how does the new stem system work? There’s a bolt that runs down the centre of the stem, and a jaws mechanism then interlocks the bar to the stem. The integrated system delivers a claimed 30% drag reduction vs a regular handlebar and stem, and it weighs just under 400g in a 100mm stem configuration.

Argon 18 – 2016 nitrogen pro