Boardman Bikes launch mountain bike advert in 3D

Rob Jarman nails Cwmcarn

Boardman Bikes have filmed a 3D advert called ‘The Commute’ to promote their mountain bike range.

The clip shows former World Cup downhill Rob Jarman riding the trails at Cwmcarn, South Wales, and takes advantage of YouTube’s recent move to enable 3D film to be viewed with a variety of different 3D glasses.

British television channel Channel 4 recently devoted a week to 3D viewing, when thousands of free 3D glasses were given out to the public and old TV classics were broadcast in 3D. Sky are set to launch a 3DTV channel in 2010.

Chris Boardman said: “We thought it would be cool to be at the vanguard of the latest film revolution. With C4’s 3D week having whetted the national appetite for 3D films we hope it will go viral. As with all great virals, the story delivers a nice little twist at the end.”

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There’s a normal version of the film too, in case you haven’t got a pair of 3D specs – watch it on YouTube now.

We reviewed the Boardman Pro full-susser ridden by Rob in the clip – check out the review here:

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