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Versatile workshop stand

Cyclo are Weldtite’s workshop equipment brand, and they’ve created a Modular Workstation system using various attachments to provide a range of mounting options.

The Modular Workstation is based on a standard clamp head, with a number of different ways to mount the clamp depending on your individual preference or space. Because of the modular nature of this system, you can purchase a number of mounting options, which along with a single clamp will enable you to work in any location where you have a stand or mount.

The individually available clamp costs £89.99/AU$179 and has a 360 degree rotating head, secured by a simple locking lever. The range of adjustability in the clamp head allows you to angle a bike in a range of convenient positions, making it simple to clamp top tubes or seat tubes.

The clamping mechanism is quick and easy to use, making it possible to secure a bike with one hand and the locking mechanism doesn’t exert too much pressure so you won’t be crushing frame tubes with it. The clamp can also be removed from any of the mounts with a quick-release lever, and the keyed slot on all mounts means aligning the head is easy.

Cyclo Modular Worksation

The clamp can be mounted to a range of stands and mounts with the largest conveniently portable option being the mobile stand, which has two legs and height adjustability. The mobile stand can be transported easily and offers good stability. It costs £99.99 for the base only or £179.99/AU$199 including clamp. Cyclo also produce a floor mount (£89.99/AU$179), which is height adjustable and can be bolted into the floor for an extra stable and secure maintenance stand.

The wall and bench mounts (both £24.99/AU$49) are a great solution for anybody lacking space for the mobile or floor mount stand; they both bolt directly into a wall or bench and come supplied with fittings. It’s also worth noting that they can work as an ideal bike storage solution. With the floor and mobile stands being better suited to workshop maintenance, supplementary mounts, such as the wall or bench mount could be added for indoor tinkering in the house (if you’re allowed!).

Durability should also not be a concern, as all of Cyclo's maintenance stands are sold with a limited lifetime guarantee.

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