Eurobike 2011: Pinarello Dogma range expands

Plus new Rokh and revised Paris 50-1.5

With Team Sky hogging the Vuelta a España limelight on their Pinarello Dogma2s, the Italian brand are pulling in the fans at Eurobike. A Sky Rainforest Rescue liveried Dogma2 is the main attraction, but it isn’t just the green paintjob that makes Bradley Wiggins’ 2012 ride different.

It is, say Pinarello, more asymmetric, stiffer and more aero than the original Dogma. They can actually put a figure on the ‘moreness’ of the Dogma2 – six percent. (That relates to an improvement in power distribution through the frame.)

A deep rib runs up the right-hand (drive) side of the frame, from the bottom bracket shell and up the down tube to the head tube. Up front, the Onda 2 fork is claimed to be 14 percent stiffer laterally than last year.

Aero improvements – also worth six percent – come courtesy of a smoother tapered head tube and neater cable routing than before. Oh, and as you’d expect, as well stiffer, stronger and more aerodynamic, the Dogma2 is lighter as well – 30g down on the original Dogma.

Pinarello dogma 60.1 with shimano dura-ace di2:
Pinarello dogma 60.1 with shimano dura-ace di2:

The original Dogma continues in the Pinarello line-up for 2012 as the Dogma 60.1; here it's specced with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

The original bike continues in the line and Pinarello have let a third Dogma out – the DogmaK. This is the Dogma2 and Dogma 60.1’s (slighty) more comfort-orientated brother and is part of Pinarello’s Century Ride line. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is – the Kobh with a makeover.

Pinarello admit that the DogmaK/Kobh is aimed at riders with pretty deep pockets, so they've introduced the Rokh for 2012. It’s similar to the Dogma K, but less racy still – that means relaxed head and seat angles, and longer chainstays to accept 28mm tyres.

Pinarello rokh with shimano ultegra di2:
Pinarello rokh with shimano ultegra di2:

The new Pinarello Rokh is aimed at long-distance riders, with relaxed angles and room for 28mm tyres

As with a ton of bikes at this year’s Eurobike, the Rokh (and Dogmas) can accept both of Shimano electronic Di2 groupsets. (A couple of showbikes were even equipped with Campagnolo’s still-unreleased electronic group.)

Elsewhere, the Paris 50-1.5 has had a reboot, with a new 1-1/8 to 1-1/2in tapered head tube for “more robust” steering and, like the Dogma, greater emphasis on the asymmetrics. It also features full internal cable routing and will be available with Ultegra Di2.

Pinarello paris:
Pinarello paris:

Pinarello's Paris 50-1.5 now has a tapered head tube and more asymmetrical frame

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