New Yeti 2008 frames

The new Yeti AS-R Carbon and 575 look set to impress for 2008

Continuing our show anthology for 2008 it's now the turn of Yeti. The rare sighting of the new bikes have created quite a buzz at the shows. The new Yeti AS-R Carbon and 575 look set to impress for 2008 and there's also a new AS-R Seven frame which will bring news of from Interbike.

Yeti AS-R Carbon

The most notable new frame showing at Eurobike was the AS-R Carbon. The frame is a full 200g lighter than the current AS-R SLC and the carbon main frame creates a claimed 50% increase in front end stiffness. The carbon rear triangle remains the same as the current 2007 model but weight is further reduced by using a new carbon dogbone link.

The bottom bracket uses the same pressed-in Shimano version as we spied on the IBIS Mojo SL at Eurobike. Looks like a standard is well on the way for 2008.

The seatmast is also something quite unique. It allows you to either saw off the frame to fit, the clamp design then allows for 25mm of adjustment. Or if you're feeling really brave the mast can be sawn off at the base and a clamp that allows for a standard 27.2mm seatpost to be fitted.

Weights and measures
Claimed weight: 1804g/4.2lb
Shock: Fox RP23
Rear travel: 98mm/3.9in
Sizes: S, M, L
Colours: Team Turquoise, Black

Yeti 575

Yeti's do anything go anywhere 575 has also undergone a redesign. Gone is the trademark toptube knuckle to be replaced by a kinked hydroformed tube that is lighter and stiffer. The noticeably bigger hexagonal and flared headtube has a much bigger junction with the headtube. That headtube has also changed and it is now externally machined. The old plate for the shock mount has also been replaced by a more sophisticated tubular structure.

Moving to the rear riders can choose between the new carbon rear or the alloy version which will add an extra 200g. The carbon rear features an integrated carbon brace between the seatsaty to improve stiffness. The shock/dogbone/seatstay junction is also easier to service and bearings are no longer pressed in instead a single bolt runs through all the parts to simplify the structure

Weights and measures
Claimed weight: 2720g/5.7lb
Shock: Fox RP23
Rear Travel 150mm/5.75in
Colour: Team Turquoise, Ano Black, Ano Pweter
Sizes: S, M, L

Yeti ARC-X

We've heard rumours of a cross frameset back in spring but Eurobike was the first opportunity to actually see one in the flesh. The ARC-X features a hydroformed top tube and has actually been curved to make the bike easier to shoulder. Signature sloped and asymmetrical chainstays make for a more compliant ride and accommodate larger tyres as well as improved mud clearance.



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