Rapha shows off 'parklet' at San Francisco store

Rapha Cycle Club transforms sidewalk with Rebar installation

Friday night in the Marina District of San Francisco, the Rapha Cycle Club threw a party with the design firm Rebar and the 'parklet' outdoor installation the pair created to celebrate cycling and promote Rapha.

Local cyclists and pro riders alike dropped in for a party at the intersection of Filbert and Filmore Streets, where the Rapha Cycle Club store and cafe is based.

So what is a parklet? As the name implies, it is a tiny, tiny park. In San Francisco, parking spaces are taken over as extensions of the sidewalk, with benches and other pieces set up to provide a small social area.

Rapha's parklet outside the store

The Rapha parklet was designed with tables, bicycle parking and a Citroen H Van deconstructed by Rebar and used to bookend the space directly in front of the store. Rapha has adopted the H Van as a symbol of its Cycle Clubs.

Besides the clothing retail space inside, the Rapha Cycle Club also hosts a cafe, a place to watch racing and a gallery of cycling photography and gear.

On Friday, there were actually two Citroens parked out front. Besides the parklet, Argentinian food company El Sur was there with its Empenada truck.

Check out the gallery at the above right for the view inside and out.

The rapha cycle club parklet:
The rapha cycle club parklet:

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