Whyte Night Enduro: All the winners

A good time had by all at BikeRadar Live

Steve Heading and Jane Chadwick were the runaway winners in the 12 hour solo men's and women's categories in the Whyte Night Enduro at BikeRadar Live.

"I'm very happy," said Heading, who wasn't sure about his chances coming into the race. "There were one or two of us that I knew were quick.

Heading managed an impressive 32 laps for the 12 hours: "I went out not too hard then just knocked out the laps for eight hours and popped into the tent to look at the results to see how I was getting on. I was in the lead, so I did a couple more hours slightly steadier, had another look, and I was well in the lead so the last two hours I could relax a bit."

Heading said he does "three or four" enduros a year. "I've just done the South Downs double so I'm a little bit tired after that."

He, like many of the riders, was happy with the 5km loop, which is shorter than most enduro circuits: "It was good yeah. It was a nice course for when you're tired because there were no big climbs. Every climb was rideable, you didn't have to get off or suffer for any of them.

"It wasn't particularly technical. I was on a full suspension Whyte Bike and that made things much easier. It was quite bumpy in places so 12 hours on a hardtail would have been quite hard. There are going to be a few sore people around."

Women's 12 hour solo winner Jane Chadwick (21 laps) was buzzing when we spoke to her afterwards: "Oh yeah I'm very happy, absolutely thrilled!"

Night falls but the start/finish tent is a hive of activity:
Night falls but the start/finish tent is a hive of activity:

Night falls but the start/finish tent is a hive of activity

She did have the advantage of being the only competitor, but she still had to finish: "This is the first time I've done a solo 12 hour enduro. I've done a lot of long distance riding, mountain bike marathons and team enduros but never a solo. I'm embarking on a 24 hour next so this was a taster for me."

She loved the course too: "It was absolutely brilliant. At first I was a bit unsure about it being such a short lap because it might get a bit tedious but there was enough out there to keep you thinking all the time really.

Jane Chadwick finds one section hard going

Chadwick also had a look around the rest of BikeRadar Live on Saturday: "We intended to have a quiet day yesterday to prepare ourselves for racing last night but we just got carried away with it all. All our heroes. Before we knew it was five o'clock and I hadn't had a siesta or anything. It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant!"

Solo singlespeed (joint) winner Matt Carr in action

The male pair category was won by the Legends team with a fantastic 37 laps completed. The mixed pair category went to Team What Mountain Bike/Podium Kiss with 34 laps, while the men's singlespeed was shared by Mike Wilkins and Matt Carr, who both clocked 21 laps and had the same elapsed time. Best male team of four was 11 hours too long  with 33 laps, while WROZ won the mixed team with 35 laps.

In the four hour comp category, Matthew Page took out the men's solo prize with 12 laps while the only women's solo entrant Melissa Thirkell failed to finish after four laps.  Andy Faulknall was sole entrant in the men's four hour singlespeed, and he did managed 10 laps to win a prize. The best male pair were The Other Coalville Wheelers with 12 laps, while The Anglo Saxons won the male team with 9 laps.

Riders relentlessly covered the 5km loop: riders relentlessly covered the 5km loop
Riders relentlessly covered the 5km loop: riders relentlessly covered the 5km loop

Riders battled with skin scorching temperatures and high humidity during the start of the event

There was a great mix of female and male riders in the pack: there was a great mix of female and male riders in the pack
There was a great mix of female and male riders in the pack: there was a great mix of female and male riders in the pack

A mix of male and female riders made up the pack

A tired but happy finisher

Night falls:
Night falls:

Night falls

More images of the event are available here.


12 hour comp
PositionNameLapsGun Time
Male solo
1Steve Heading 3211:59:58
2Peter Steed 2912:17:32
3Rik Thompson 2912:25:32
4Mike Saunders 2812:03:29
5Mark Cook 2812:24:03
6David Steed 2612:10:24
7Guy Kesteven 2512:12:51
8David Forrest 2212:03:35
9Nigel Moore 1808:03:50
10Justin Loretz 1812:16:32
11Matthew Page 1304:33:06
12Paul Keevil 1212:03:40
13Russell Burton 804:48:41
Female solo
1Jane Chadwick 2112:24:12
Male pair
1Legends 3712:13:42
2Tredz 3612:15:04
3Prentice 3612:22:01
4Geordie Duo 3412:08:44
5G&T 3312:15:23
6The Caravan 2912:03:32
7DVATC1 2812:03:36
8One man and his donkey 2712:06:51
9Used Bike Parts UK 2912:30:32
10BG 2611:54:17
11RR Rolling 2512:00:07
12360 Cycles 1405:27:10
13Bretby Vehicle Services 502:11:00
Mixed pair
1What Mountain Bike/Podium Kiss3412:07:19
2M and M 3112:04:09
3White Kitten 2212:08:17
Male Solo Singlespeed
1Michael Wilkins 2111:53:15
2Matt Carr 2111:53:15
3Shaun Kenny 301:23:56
Male Team
111 hours too long 3312:18:05
2Planet X 3312:21:30
3Leisure Lakes 3212:03:40
4DILLIGAF 3112:24:50
5Boys from the County Hell 2912:11:35
Mixed team
1WROZ 3512:09:27
2Betty Swollocks 2112:20:30
12 hour fun
Male solo
1Paul Hart 2712:07:20
2Simon Richards 2512:07:53
3Tim Wood 2412:13:11
4Rob Pape 2212:03:33
5Greg Barton 1812:16:22
6Tim Irlam 1209:53:18
7Andy Chadwick 1012:24:15
8Adam Richardson 502:14:22
Female Solo
1Sinead Mclaren 1112:13:11
Male pair
1Talk a Good Ride 2812:03:34
2Peace 2711:57:08
3RCT Smellies 2612:11:54
4Two Square Wheels 1708:34:27
Mixed pair
1Sprockets 2212:03:37
Male Team
1Heather Mills Swims in Ci 3112:04:37
2Tortoise 3112:11:59
3Dusk Till Dawn 2912:04:46
4The Green Bike Company 2912:23:30
Mixed Team
1Guinness farts 2712:02:43
Four hour comp
Male solo
1Matthew Page1204:08:18
2Edward Toogood1204:12:43
3Brendon Lewthwaite1204:19:45
4Nick Walling1104:00:39
5Thomas Buss1104:07:06
6Nicholas Jones1104:08:51
7Mark Williams1104:08:55
8Orion Edgar1104:30:38
9Richard Howard1004:14:50
10Marcelo Moreira1004:17:41
11Adam Jones1004:21:30
12Andrew Skadorwa904:03:49
13Adam Huggon904:04:28
14Doug Huggon904:07:32
15Sam Read904:14:19
16Richard Morgan803:11:55
17Marcus Mitchinson804:30:44
DNFAlistair Higgins7
DNFJohn Armstrong7
DNFIvik Masek7
DNFTristan Roberts5
DNFChris Salt4
DNFMark Clayton3
Female solo
DNFMelissa Thirkell4
Male Solo Singlespeed
1Andy Faulknall1004:24:06
Male Pair
1The other coalville wheel1204:25:29
2The Pressure1104:05:21
3Coalville Wheelers904:20:39
4Bayhorse Velo804:03:51
DNFAndy and Enio7
Male Team
Four hour fun
Male solo
1Russ Wakefield1004:21:28
2Tim Grice903:55:30
3Robert Prue904:05:23
4Shaun Smith804:05:09
5James Connolly804:12:21
6Christopher Airey604:05:53
7Glyn Davidson604:10:24
DNFJonathan Walker5
DNFIan Smith5
DNFGraeme Spreadberry4
DNFTim Cooper4
DNFRobin Frood4
DNFKelvin Bussell4
DNFSimon Edwards-Parton4
DNFPaul Young1
Female Solo
DNFKelly Gibson4
DNFCeri Ann Jones4
Male Pair
1Chaos Singlespeed1204:16:01
2Peak Leaders1004:13:05
DNFDouble D1
Mixed pair
Male team

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