Artist Enisaurus partners with Ass Savers for gift box

Three fenders/mudguards plus bandana with Spaniard's art

The Swedish brand Ass Savers makes fenders/mudflaps that snap onto your saddle rails. Recently, Ass Savers has been partnering with artists for limited edition Ass Savers. For December, Ass Savers has a gift box of three Ass Savers and a bandana with artwork by Enisaurus.


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Enisaurus is a Spanish artist who worked in London for a few years before returning home to Valencia.

The included bandana features matching Enisaurus artwork

“We fell in love with his compelling mix of visuals and quirky characters,” said Ass Savers co-founder Staffan Widell. “Shortly after our first contact, it became clear that we also shared a passion for space, astrophysics and stories about evil red mutant blobs.”

The Enisaurus gift box is on sale now for €45 at


Widell started Ass Savers in 2011, after using a piece of cardboard under his saddle for a rainy ride home from his office. After trying the concept a bit more, he and his friends jokingly called the product Ass Savers. Today more than a million Ass Savers have been sold around the world, Widell says.

Ass Savers recently started doing limited edition runs with artists