ASDA selling UK’s ‘lowest price bike’ to encourage cycling

Less than £250 for a family of four

UK superstore ASDA is selling what it claims are the UK’s cheapest bikes as part of an initiative dubbed Pedal Power to get more British people on their bikes by making cycling more accessible.


There’s a British Eagle 18 speed men’s mountain bike at £70, women’s mountain bike for £70 and a kids model with 20” wheels available at £50 each. 

ASDA are able to offer these bikes so cheaply because they have bought “tens of thousands of the bikes,” and the company will apparently make no profit on them “such is the supermarket’s commitment to getting the nation on their bikes.”

The Pedal Power initiative was launched by ASDA CEO Andy Bond and Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy.

Mike Logue, ASDA’s Leisure Trading Director, said: “Price should not be a barrier on whether or not to buy a bike therefore ASDA has worked incredibly hard to introduce these British Eagle bikes at market leading price on a not for profit basis. Cycling is the perfect low cost activity for all the family to stay healthy and spend quality time together.”

All four bicycles are now available online and will be in store from 21 July to 9 August. 


What are your thoughts on these budget bikes? Will it encourage more people to get on two wheels? Let us know in the comments section below.