New $350 Assos Mille GTO C2 bib shorts promise “radically different level of comfort”

New Assos Mille GT shorts have a new seat pad and front panel that is said to eliminate pressure

Assos Mille GTO bib short composite image showing side profile and the short leg

Assos has today released a new set of men’s bib shorts that have their eyes set on long-distance riding and comfort.


Officially called the Assos Mille GT Summer bib shorts GTO C2 (what a mouthful) they are part of the same family as Assos’s Mille GT and Mille GTS shorts, which are included in BikeRadar’s list of the best bib shorts for men.

The GTO C2 bib shorts are at the top end of the price spectrum, costing £255 / $350 / €290. This makes them the joint priciest Assos shorts, drawing level with the Equipe RSR bibs.

It’s rare to see a new premium product launch without some particularly bold claims attached and, much like the recent Castelli Premio bib shorts, these bib shorts don’t disappoint.

Assos says that the Mille GTO C2 “destroys conventional short construction” and “reaches for a radically different level of comfort”.

The shorts are said to be the plushest and most luxurious the brand has ever created, sitting at the top of its Total Comfort collection.

A number of new design features are behind these claims, including a new construction and stitching technique, seat pad design and fabric.

Assos GT Mille bib shorts GTO C2 design

Assos Mille GTO bib shorts
These new bib shorts are said to destroy conventional short construction.

When Assos released its SL7 bib shorts, they came with a cutaway section in the front of the pad called a “kuku Penthouse” designed to house male genitalia.

The bib shorts have an updated version of this design which Assos has named the sunDeck superlight. It is said to also provide some extra room as well as help with ventilation.

Assos has also introduced a new textile called Losagna which is used in the front section of the shorts and is said to eliminate pressure on sensitive areas.

Elsewhere in the shorts, Assos uses its Ossidia fabric which it introduced for its Mille GTS bib shorts. This fabric is made from ultrathin threads that a brought together in a warp knit construction designed to provide compression, which is welcome on long days in the saddle as it will theoretically help reduce muscle fatigue.

Mille GTO C2 seat pad

Assos Mille GTO seat pad diagram
The new GTO 2 insert has a three-layer construction.

The bib shorts feature a new seat pad design that Assos says is a “radically reshaped insert”.

The pad has a three-layer construction made from separate multi-density layers, called the Twin21 System.

Next to the skin is a 3D waffle material made from perforated foam that is said to increase breathability while reducing weight.

The mid-layer is a 10mm foam designed to absorb small vibrations and reduce moisture build-up thanks to its open cell structure, while closest to the saddle, 11mm of foam is designed to absorb more major shocks.

Tapered construction

In recent years, bib short design has moved away from multi-panel construction towards more ingenious solutions to get a better fit and reduce any unwelcome rub from seams. The Mille GTO C2 shorts are no exception.

The legs of the shorts are made from one piece and have a darted construction that means the legs taper as they go down the legs for what Assos say is a “wrinkle-free compressive hold”.

The shorts will be available in a standard leg length and a longer length that has an extra 3cm of coverage, and end with a raw cut edge with minimal silicone grippers.


The bib straps of the shorts criss-cross on the back and there is Assos’s rollBar technology in the back of the shorts which is said to help hold the seat pad in place.