Assos roll out 2013 spring line

What's this? A $29 piece from the Swiss clothier?

For 2013, the high-end cycling clothier Assos have refocused, shelving their previous efforts with triathlon and focusing strictly on the road market. And while many of latest offerings live up to the Swiss company’s reputation for premium price, a few new pieces are surprisingly affordable.


Assos debuted 36 new items last fall, going deeper with the Uno line, including relatively affordable accessories like $45 arm warmers, and knee and leg warmers made with Roubaix fabric. Also, Assos jumped into the compression game with $29 compression socks.

Lest you think Assos is slipping on price, consider the $519 SturmNuss pant and the $589 SturmPrinz jacket, both of which are designed for horrible weather conditions.


BikeRadar got a preview of the 2013 spring line. Check out the gallery at right for the details on some upcoming jerseys and baselayers, plus a few 2012 fall pieces that just became available.