Attaquer Normcore clothing – first look

New toned-down range from opinion-splitting Aussie label

When BikeRadar last spoke with the boys from Attaquer, they talked to us about wild style, lairy colours and long socks. While radical designs are still on the menu, Attaquer has just announced a new range called Normcore.  


“Normcore is a trend built around stylised blandness,” explained Greg Hamer, co-owner of Attaquer.

The bold designs that Attaquer is known for are just too loud for some, whereas the Normcore range is based around simple black bibs and jerseys in bold colours with subdued branding.

“This range allows the more conservative cyclist to wear, experience and enjoy what Attaquer is producing. And of course, everyone needs a good pair of plain black bibs,” says Hamer.

The new, more conservative range of kits highlights the quality and performance of the fabrics, cut and chamois of the garments Attaquer is producing.

While the Normcore jerseys are the same dimpled summer-weight tops used for its seasonal designs, the bibs have been updated. The new bibs feature premium Italian-made compression fabrics, a 4D perforated chamois, new leg grippers and four-needle flatlock stitching (read: durable).

Attaquer will continue to release its limited-release seasonal bold kits, but the Normcore range will be a staple for the brand.

Keep an eye out for our full review of the Normcore range soon.


The range is not available to buy in the UK, but Attaquer does ship overseas