Attaquer’s Race Ultra+ kit looks to cheat the wind

Plus a waterproof chamois with bib shorts sewn around it

Aussie Kit brand Attaquer has its roots in loud and lairy lycra, and while its gear has always been high quality, the brand has recently focused on technical and performance fabrics. Launching today is Attaquer latest range, Race ULTRA +, which features an aero jersey and a waterproof chamois sewn into bib shorts without any external material between it and the saddle.


Race Ultra+ Jersey

The jersey is said to help reduce the drag caused by the rider’s body

The styling on the Race Ultra Jersey is subdued, which is not likely to take attention away from the Italian Kinetech Drag Zero 3D fabric it’s made from.

Attaquer uses textured material on the shoulders and arms to smooth air flow over the rider. 

Lots of different fabric textures going on here

The fabrics are said to have a decent amount of stretch to prevent wrinkles and flapping at high speed. They are made from thin yarns, which Attaquer says minimizes how much of the air flow passes through the fibres and between the fabric and the skin while still keeping the rider comfortable.

Race Ultra+ Bibs

The chamois sits both on the inside and outside of the shorts and is completely waterproof

Made from Swiss Schoeller fabrics, the bibs are constructed from a yarn containing silver ions, which is claimed to have a ‘bacteriostatic effect’ — a fancy way of saying the fabric inhibits bacterial growth, limiting smelliness. The fabric also features ColdBlack for a bit of relief from the summer heat.

The most interesting aspect of these new bibs, however, is the pad. The chamois is sewn into the shorts without any additional external material like in normal cycling shorts.

“With a one-piece chamois that sits both internally and externally to the bibs, it means there is only one layer between your bum and the saddle, resulting in greater connectivity with the bike and a better feel for the rider,” said Greg Hamer, Attaquer’s co-founder. “The unique shape also moulds to the anatomy of the wearer. The double-sided pad reduces the pressure exerted by the body onto any one point of the saddle during prolonged contact, and redistributes it, improving comfort.”

Here you can see the detail of the pad on the outside of the shorts

Hamer went on to say his favourite part of the new bibs is that the outside of the chamois is waterproof. On rainy days, when the road is wet and water is kicked up from the rear wheel, the chamois doesn’t get waterlogged, he says. 


At launch, the jersey will be available in two colours and is priced at £144.95 / $196 / AU$249.95 while the bibs are only available in black and will cost £199.95 / $271 / AU$349.95. 

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