Attention hipsters! Seatylock has made a bike lock for you

Clipster is claimed to be world's first wearable folding lock

From the makers of the Seatylock and Foldylock comes the Clipster, which according to the brand, is the world’s first wearable folding bike lock. With the integrated clip the lock can be hung on belts and pockets or secured inside bags. It’s currently on Kickstarter looking for funding.

With an integrated belt clip it can be attached to belts and pockets, etc.

Keeps the bike frame clean

In the ‘Why’ section of Seatylock’s latest Kickstarter, it claims the inspiration for the Clipster came from urban cyclists who like to keep their bikes clean and uncluttered. 

Here are the Cliplock’s dimensions folded and unfolded

The company also noticed that riders either wore their locks around their waists or sometimes arms. 

The folding Clipster lock has a built-in belt clip that makes it simple to attach to trousers, belts and bag pockets. 


The Cliplock is long enough to secure most frames and front wheels

According to Seatylock, the Clipster is made from six hardened steel links overmolded by a reinforced military-grade UV-treated polymer. What that means in simple terms is that the 1kg lock is tough and rust-resistant yet won’t scratch your bike’s finish. 

Seatylock claims it’s the lightest lock ever to achieve a Sold Secure Silver rating. 

Its 85cm circumference is long enough to secure both the frame and the front wheel on most bikes. 


This isn’t the company’s first go at locks. Seatylock has successfully funded and completed four prior bike-lock Kickstarters. Prices on its current Kickstarter start at $65 for one Clipster lock with quantity discounts available too.