Audi to sell wooden road bikes

Duo range is result of collaboration with Renovo

Last month saw a cutting-edge collaboration between a bike and a car company – Specialized and McLaren on the Venge aero road bike – but a similar link-up announced yesterday is a little more leftfield.


We must admit we had to do a double take and check the date when this story first surfaced, but it looks like car manufacturers Audi have indeed teamed up with hardwood bike makers Renovo to produce Duo, a three-strong range that apparently mirrors elements of Audi car design.

The City, Sport and Road all have monocoque hardwood front triangles. Audi claim this offers the smoothest ride of any bike frame material thanks to its shock absorbing abilities. It’s also recyclable and biodegradable, making it the ultimate in green transportation – just don’t leave it exposed to the elements for too long.


Hand-made at Renovo’s Portland, Oregon studio, the wood used for the frames has apparently been selected to match Audi car interiors. The Duo City is an all-weather commuter designed for more casual cyclists on shorter journeys. The Duo Sport is intended for longer distances, while the Duo Road is a performance road bike. They’re available in the US as complete bikes from $6,530, $7,350 and $7,460 respectively. For more information, visit Audi’s website.