Avid to release even lighter XX World Cup disc brake

276g system for elite cross-country racers

SRAM’s elite BlackBox cross-country racers will soon save a few more grams thanks to the recently announced Avid XX World Cup disc brake. 


This will offer the same stopping power and modulation as the standard XX brake but will omit the adjustable pad contact feature in order to save up to 12g per wheel – bringing total system weight to just 276g (front, post mount, 160mm rotor). 

The pared-down lever body will remain a forged magnesium piece as will the calliper, which is wholly carried over save for the new black finish.

Avid product manager Paul Kantor admits that the XX World Cup brake won’t be for everyone but for weight weenies looking to shave every gram, this new iteration presents yet another ultralight option. 


Pricing is yet to be announced and consumer availability won’t be until late 2010. However, BlackBox athletes are expected to use the new brakes at the UCI World Championships in early September.

The avid xx world cup calliper is identical to the current xx brake save for a different finish. avid say blackbox racers will be on the new brake in time for the world championships in the autumn:
James Huang