AX-Lightness releases featherweight 15lb hardtail

A drool-worthy proposition for the weight weenies

German lightweight specialist AX-Lightness has teased details on a featherweight version of its VIAL evo XC bike.


Totalling 6.9kg/15.2lb, the €8,999 build comes in at a fraction above the UCI’s weight limit of 6.8kg/14.9lb and includes SRAM’s latest 12-speed Eagle XX1 transmission and Guide Ultimate brakes, a Fox 32 SC Factory fork and AX-Lightness’ own carbon wheelset.

To further reduce weight, AX-Lightness has plastered the build in its own components and finishing kit, much of which is the lightest available anywhere.

AX-Lightness’ Vial evo XC on the scales

At the heart of the build is AX-Lightness’ own VIAL evo XC frame, which totals a claimed weight figure of just 870g/1.9lb in a size medium (44cm/17.3in), and is hand built in the company’s facility in Creußen, Germany.

Should that be a little too much to spend, a version with a Shimano XT 1x11drivetrain and Shimano’s M8000 wheelset is available for a whole €4,000 less, and at a penalty of 1.6kg/3.5lb.


We’ll post more on this bike when we get to see it in the flesh, later this month.