Ay Up V4 Adventure light kit – First look

Lightweight illumination from Australia

Like it or not, it’s already getting darker in the evenings – in the UK at least – and it wont be long before everyone’s hitting the trails on night rides and the daily commute is untaken in the pitch black. Oh joy.


Step forward the V4 Adventure light kit from Australian company Ay Up, which appears to be an all-in-one solution for mountain bikers and roadies who need bright night-time illumination.

The kit contains two twin lightsets (ours came with an extra one, too), two Half Epic batteries (claimed run time of three hours on high, six hours low and 12+ hours flashing) and one Epic battery (six hours high, 12 hours low and days on flashing).

It comes with a headband kit, bar mount and Gecko helmet mount, dual charger, 12V car adaptor, 110 /240V AC adaptor, 1.2 metre extension lead and Neoprene battery pouches with lock-down straps and cable ties.

For commuters and road riders, the set also includes a pair of Saxons – red covers for use as rear lights. And they’re bright! It’s all packed neatly into the Ay Up Ay Pod (see what they’ve done) too.

We’ve already helmet-mounted one of the lightsets and while you can definitely tell it’s on your head, it’s light enough that you don’t need to be built like Mike Tyson to carry it off.


Mountain Biking UK magazine will have a full review of the Ay Up lightset in issue 260 of the magazine, out on 12 January 2011.

Ay up say that one light can point forward, and the other back – but we haven’t got that combo to work effectively enough yet:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar