‘BackBottle’ water bottle designed for jersey pockets

Fix-It-Sticks creator’s latest invention

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If you’ve ever struggled with getting water bottles in and out of a jersey pocket while riding you’re not alone. Fix-It-Sticks’ founder Brian Davis has had more than his fair share of issues with traditional cycling water bottles, and he refuses to wear a hydration pack. So he set out to build a better water bottle. The result is BackBottle, a water bottle designed for jersey pockets.

“Innovation through frustration,” as how Davis describes his creation process.

The BackBottle design is devised to ease entry and exit from a jersey pocket. The bottom is pointed and angled to make it easy to slip into a pocket and it has contours designed to alleviate pressure on the rider’s back and keep the bottle from shifting around. It also has a ridge intended to decrease the likelihood of accidentally ejecting a bottle from your jersey. The BackBottle holds 18oz / .53l of fluid in a BPA-free bottle manufactured in the United States.

The pointed bottom aid access, while the concave shape improves comfort and keeps the bottle from shifting :

The BackBottle’s unique shape makes it easier to get it into and out of a jersey pocket

“I am not trying to replace my bottles and cages. I don’t want to bolt extra stuff to my bike and I will not wear a hydration pack. I needed a new strategy for extra hydration on long rides. The BackBottle is a minimalist solution that even a maximalist could love. The BackBottle essentially combines a bottle and a hydration pack. The BackBottle solved my problem of wanting additional, accessible water on longer rides,” Davis said.

If you’re as averse to wearing a hydration pack as Davis, then this solution might be for you. Warm weather cyclocross races and practices, short-track mountain bike races, shorter mountain bike rides, triathlons and gravel racing are a few of the possible uses for this jersey-specific bottle.


Davis is currently funding the development of the BackBottle via Kickstarter. He expects to begin delivery of these US$10 back-friendly bottles by May.

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Visit the BackBottle Kickstarter page or BackBottle.com for more information.