Banish boring desktops with this fun bike-themed wallpaper

This bespoke illustration was created just for you

Recently, we reported on some rather lovely box artwork that Larry vs Harry, maker of the Bullitt cargobike, commissioned from Danish illustrator Kristian Eskild Jensen. The idea was that by turning the boxes into works of art, kids could then turn them into play houses and dens.


While speaking to Kristian about the project we asked him whether he’d be interested in creating a bike-themed desktop wallpaper for BikeRadar readers to download and we’re delighted that he agreed.

Kristian has a degree in in Visual Communication from Maidstone, England and lives in Copenhagen with his wife and kids. He’s worked in various fields within the graphics industry with a focus on illustration – making books, comics, magazines and storyboards – but also working with TV graphics and various graphic design jobs like skateboards, T-shirts, websites, festivals and murals.

Illustrator Kristian Eskild Jensen (right) Larry vs Harry’s owner Hans Fogh (left)
Larry vs Harry

Kristian describes his packaging for Larry vs Harry as “a colourful lifestyle fun world about bicycling and the culture around it,” adding: “The illustration I’ve done for BikeRadar is a continuation of that world. The freedom of bike riding from a Danish perspective perhaps. In my household we own 10 bikes altogether. I have three – two of them I share with my wife. A cargo for shopping and kids, an everyday bike to work and an old rusty one to drive home from the pub. The idea that you can ride anywhere, whenever you want in any weather is perhaps what the drawing is trying to express.”

The wallpapers are available in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio and 4:3, so just choose the one that’s appropriate for your monitor from the two links below. Once you’ve opened the link, simply right-click the image and select Save from the contextual menu to save the image to your computer’s hard drive where you can then set it as your desktop image. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the image in the comments!

You can see more of Kristian’s artwork at his portfolio website.