Bar Fly for GoPro – Interbike 2013

Plus Garmin mounts for 35mm bars an ultra-minimalist saddle pack

The small California company Tate Labs has made its Bar Fly product synonymous with low-profile Garmin handlebar mounts, at    Interbike the company was showing off similar mounts for GoPro video cameras and even an ultra-minimalist saddle bag.

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True to Tate Labs’ style, the Bar Fly for GoPro ($49/UK price TBD) mounts securely but compactly on the handlebars, centered right in front of the stem. Two Allen-key back quick-release levers secure the Bar Fly for GoPro, and the mount can be quickly flipped up – and the camera reversed – for a film angle that points back at the rider. The 31.8mm mount is carbon-bar friendly, said Tate Labs salesman Kris Lunning.

Small quick releases on either side of the stem center the bar fly for gopro and allow for the mount to be flipped up for a rearward camera orientation:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
The Bar Fly for GoPro sets the videocamera smack in front of the stem

The Bar Fly for Fi’iz:k is another smart mount that attaches at the center of a Fi’zi:k R1 or R3 open-face stem clamp. The view angle can be adjusted by sliding the anchor nut inside the stem cap, and the mount is secured with an Allen bolt beneath the Garmin mount. Retail price will be $29 (UK price TBD).

The bar fly for fi’zi;k is the most compact garmin mount yet, attaching at the stem faceplate:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
Tate Labs’ most compact Garmin mount yet, the Bar Fly for Fi’zi:k

For mountain and road riders running 35mm handlebars and stems, Bar Fly now has out front and above-the-stem solutions for $25 (UK price TBD).

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Finally, the Hopper Saddle Bag is a new product from Tate Labs that consists simply of two perpendicular Velcro straps. “I hate saddle bags that snag shorts with a Velcro strap around the seatpost,” Lunning said. “So I made this. You can use it with any 12 or 14oz coffee bag, and swap it out whenever you want another color or it gets dirty or whatever.” The Hopper does not yet have a set price.

In the keeping of tate labs minimalist construction, the company’s new saddle bag consists simply of two velcro straps:
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing
Tate Labs recommends perking up your ride by repurposing old coffee bags to a hold tube, tire levers and a CO2 inflator in their minimalist saddle bag