BBC helmet cam film to explore cyclist-motorist conflict

The War On Britain’s Roads to reveal 'shocking' state of affairs

The documentary will air later this year

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The BBC are to air a documentary that uses helmet cameras to explore the growing conflict between cyclists and motorists on Britain’s roads.

The broadcaster says the one-off hour long film, The War On Britain’s Roads, will “parachute (viewers) into the middle of a war that is raging between two-wheeled road users and their four-wheeled counterparts”.

It forms part of a range of documentaries that uses recent advances in everyday filming technology to bring viewers closer to the reality of life in Britain today.

As Youtube is proving, the camera is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to record their journeys and with more and more people taking up the bike commute, the potential for conflict is arguably at an all-time high. It’s not just cyclists either; motorists too are seeing the camera as seeing the benefits of installing a camera in their vehicle.

The BBC say the film will use “heart-stopping footage of interactions between road users to reveal a shocking picture of life on Britain’s roads”, follow current cases as they go through the courts and revisit stories of those who have lost their lives on British roads.

Todd Austin, Chief Creative Officer, Leopard Films and executive producer on the documentary, said: “This timely documentary highlights a growing issue on Britain’s roads, from the viewpoint of both the motorist and the cyclist. BBC One is the perfect home for this insightful and at times shocking film”.

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The documentary will air later in 2012, although a firm date is yet to be confirmed.