Beginners & Family Week on BikeRadar

Everything you need to know to start having fun on two wheels

Newbies and kids are the focus this week on BikeRadar

It’s Beginners & Family Week here on BikeRadar and over the next seven days we’ll be dishing out some indispensable advice for anyone who’s new to the sport of cycling, returning to it or wants to get their partner or kids involved.


Some of the articles will pop up on the main homepage, while others will be available exclusively on our Beginners & Family page. We’ll be covering everything from reasons to ride and reviews of sub-£500/$1,000 bikes to maintenance basics, like how to fix a puncture, as well as answering some common questions.

We’ll have guides to buying your first bike, plus info on how to set it up, where to go once you’ve got it and what essential riding gear you’ll need. So check out the articles here on BikeRadar and then get out there and have some fun!

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