Behold, a £17,000 Swarovski-encrusted Lowrider

Customised bike currently the most expensive on eBay

Whenever I put together an edition of our eBay watch list, I make sure to organise everything in the cycling category from high to low.


Among the inevitable pile of stolen bikes priced at £1m, there’s normally a gem or two hiding in there, and in this case that couldn’t be any truer.

This Ridelow Lowrider, priced at a rather princely £17,000, has been modified by Vinceri, the self-styled “world leader in Swarovski Crystal vehicles”, which claims to be able to cover anything “from baby shoes to gigantic wall murals”.

The handlebars are totally encrusted in the crystals

In this case, the mudguards, ape hanger handlebars, chaincase, truss fork and seat support of the bike are all encrusted in the lead glass crystals so loved by duty-free shoppers the world over.

The bike claims to be the world’s only Swarovski-encrusted lowrider, but a quick Google search reveals that at least one other exists and was exhibited at the London Cycle Show in 2009.

The bike has only been used for show purposes and is yet to be ridden, though we’d recommend donning some protective gear before heading out because the consequences of scraping exposed flesh on those rough edges doesn’t bear thinking about.

Show me more…

Who could ever forget this gold plated bike?

Fans of expensive custom bikes will, of course, be reminded of that £60,000 gold-plated bike that has been floating around the internet for years and was featured in a previous edition of eBay watch list.

That particular bike has since disappeared from eBay, but it is now listed on at a greatly reduced price of just £416,666.66.

If you feel like buying either this or the lowrider, make sure you do so via one of our affiliate links above so we earn enough commission for me to take the rest of the year off. Cheers!


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