Behold, the 4.8kg AX-Lightness Vial evo Ultra eTap

Nearly €12,000 of German exotica

German lightweight specialist AX-Lightness has revealed details of its latest road bike that (in its smallest size) totals just 4.8kg / 10.5lb complete.


The VIAL evo Ultra eTap uses an evolution of the company’s 600g VIAL evo Ultra frame that, thanks to a completely new rear end and tweaked geometry, increases tyre clearance (25mm tyres with wide rims should be fine, say AX) and increases stiffness over the previous model.

Regardless of which size you choose, the VIAL evo Ultra frameset, including its dedicated THM fork and headset, weighs less than 1,000 grams.

For 11,899 euros you get a Vial evo Ultra that’s not only kitted out with SRAM’s latest Red eTap wireless groupset, it’s actually optimised for it, meaning there are no gear cable ports or guides.

The SRAM Red eTap build uses no gear cable ports or guides

Elsewhere, there’s a wider 25mm version of the company’s Ultra wheelset and a smattering of AX-Lightness’ own featherweight kit, much of which is the lightest in existence.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn this bike has a rider weight limit of 100kg. If you’re over that figure then there’s good news too, AX is offering a ‘Plus’ version that places key reinforcements where necessary to increase its weight limit to 120kg.

Various builds with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM electronic and mechanical transmissions will be sold alongside a frameset option.


The news follows AX-Lightness’ spectacular 15lb hardtail launched earlier this week