Behold, the Reversityre, slick on one side and knobbly on the other

It’s the ultimate tyre for your do-it-all go-anywhere bike

The Reversityre is two tyres in one

If you thought the Retyre zip-on tyres were weird, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve had exclusive word of a brand new tyre on the market, and it’s the epitome of versatility.


The two-in-one Reversityre allows you to take your bike anywhere, whether it’s meant for the road or the trails. How? Simply pop off your wheels, remove your tyres, flip them inside out, and off you go.

While it’s not tubeless (yet), the Reversityre can take standard inner tubes, which will work for both of its guises. When it’s set up to be slick, the tread creates an extra layer on the inside that doubles up as puncture protection, and offers similar benefits of the CushCore, damping the shocks from the road.

No more will you find yourself at the opening of a mud-slathered rocky lane to the unknown, staring gloomily down at your sad, slick tyres and wishing they had the grip needed to take you on that mystery adventure.

Never again shall you slog along the roads between your favourite singletrack spots wishing your bike was more efficient on the tarmac and less of a slow, groaning, dying beast crawling its way on low volume limbs.

Don't miss out on adventures because your tyres aren't suitable
Don’t miss out on adventures because your tyres aren’t suitable

Now you can have the best of both worlds. Start out your day with the slick side of the Reversityre, get on the roads and quickly make your way to your favourite spot out in the sticks. Flip your tyres to expose their knobbly goodness, and go shred the gnar gnar with your buddies who are all puffed out from struggling to keep up with you.

Road warrior or trail king (or queen), it’s all the same with the Reversityre. Long may it reign.


This article was an April Fools’ joke for 2019, though if anyone plans to make these tyres a reality, we’d love to be the first to have a go on them!