Bell Javelin time trial helmet – First look

Adjustable aero lid

The Bell Javelin aero helmet is worth a look if you’re in the market for a new time trial lid. It lacks the long tail of its predecessor, the Meteor, and is actually quite similar in shape to its cousin (same parent company), the Giro Selector.


The Bell does have a few different features, however – the main one being that at £179.99/US$200, it’s £60/$75 cheaper than the Selector. We like the look of the adjustability options on the Javelin, too.

Firstly it comes in three different head sizes: small (51-55cm), medium (55-59cm, ours weighed 430g) and large (59-63cm), and six colours. Then there’s the internal cage, which has a dial to adjust tightness and can be moved up and down, giving three effective tilt positions. The straps are only adjustable for length under the chin, however.

Padding is kept to a minimum but the helmet feels comfortable. Up front there’s a detachable visor – exactly the same as on the Selector – to help smooth the airflow around your face. In addition to the small holes at the top of the visor, there are two vents on the front of the helmet and one central rear exhaust vent.


The tail is open at the bottom but unlike the Selector there’s no fairing to fill in that space. The Javelin carries CE EN1078 and CPSC Bicycle certifications, which means it meets European and US safety standards for bicycle helmets. It’ll be available to the public in spring 2012.