Bespoked Bristol 2013: two month countdown

The UK Handmade Bicycle Show

Bespoked Bristol, the UK Handmade Bicycle Show, is two months away but we’re getting a strong sense that this year will be big for organiser Phil Taylor.


The surge in interest in road cycling in the UK over the past year will surely help the country’s custom builders. Bespoked Bristol, which takes place in Brunel’s Old Station between 12-14 April, is the perfect place for them to show their wares.

More than 80 exhibitors will be there, filling all available space in the hall. The UK contingent includes Roberts, Rourke, Condor, Brookes, Swallow Bespoke, Reynolds, Enigma, Feather Cycles, Donhou, Demon Frameworks, Field Cycles, Ted James and Paulus Quiros. You’ll also be able to see overseas makers including Cinelli, Campagnolo, Columbus, Faggin, Legend, Cyfac, Geek House and Cherubim.

If you can’t wait that long, keep an eye on our North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) page for updates. NAHBS 2013 runs from 22-24 February and we’ll be there to cover it in exquisite detail.

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Bespoked Bristol

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