BH Ultralight road bike – Sneak peek

747g frame with new BB386 Evo bottom bracket

BH say production versions of their new Ultralight weigh in at 11.24lb/5.1kg. This sample tips the scales at 10.66lb/4.84kg

Spain’s BH Bikes have released details of their new flagship road bike ahead of this week’s Eurobike trade show. As the name suggests, the Ultralight is one for the weight weenies, with a claimed frame weight of 747g for the medium size.


BH insist it’s no noodle, though – in fact, they claim it’s 60 percent stiffer than their current top-end G5, thanks largely to use of the new BB386 Evo bottom bracket shell standard, developed by BH and FSA.


The Ultralight will be available with Shimano Dura-Ace or SRAM Red, with wheel options including Corima MCCs, Cole Ventoux and Lightweight Obermayers. BH say full bike weights start at around 5.1kg (11.24lb), with no user weight limit. The non-production model pictured comes in lighter yet, at 10.66lb (4.84kg).